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We always get this question, and honestly it depends on YOUR situation as to what is the better scenario (and what the current / local market is doing.)  Right now we see a lot of buyers unable to find what they “want” because the inventory is still so LOW.  We are really in the heat of a seller’s market (been saying that to our clients since Oct / Nov as we saw the raw data indicators!)  Now it is what “everyone” is saying (oh – so we must have known what we were saying?!)  Yep – so the seller’s market makes it less of an opportune time for buyers – BUT, Buyer’s who NEED to MOVE NOW are in this market and LOOKING.  They are willing to pay the increased prices, loose out on some of the assistance costs and maybe have to “settle” for a home that is not exactly everything that they want.  BE CAUTIOUS, your financial well being is at stake – and that would be one reason why RENTING would come back to the discussion.  Can’t find what you want, in the price you can afford – but have to move…consider doing a Rental (6 month or 1 year) as a chance to give yourself a little breathing room.  {Note: although there are NOT a lot of RENTALS on the market either – and the RENT RATES have continued to go up!!}  Once inventory starts to build again, the cycle for real estate will switch and again be more favorable for buyers.  REMEMBER – just like the wheel of real estate opportunities always spin, it is the direction you are heading and the point of your entry and exit that count!

NY Times article, “Buy or Rent”

“Arguments can be made for each option, but it’s impossible to know in advance which will provide better financial returns over time.”
David Esrati
The Next Wave


We are always SO HAPPY when our Clients are New Home Owners!!  Sharing the joy of what we do and why…



Or Growth Potential!! Check out this article posted by the Downtown Dayton Partnership:

Downtown Has Region’s Lowest Apartment Vacancy Rate
Downtown Dayton was one of the few markets in the region where apartment vacancy decreased or stayed the same, according to the recently releasedMiller-Valentine GEM 2013 Dayton Regional Apartment Market Study.

The study sampled 347 apartment developments in the Dayton region. The downtown market had the region’s lowest vacancy at 2.37 percent, the same rate reported in the 2012 study. This rate reflects DDP research, which for several years has shown high occupancy rates in both rental apartments and owner-occupied properties. Due to the popularity of downtown living, increasing housing options remains an important strategy in the Greater Downtown Dayton Plan.


It was truly an honor to be selected for The Marie Kindrick Fair Housing Award at this year’s Miami Valley Fair Housing Wrokshop.  I enjoy working with people who are searching for their next “home” whether that would be a rental or purchase; but importantly, I want to help ensure that it is Affordable and What They Want / Need.

So we are often asked many questions – and this post is to provide some of those answers, as well as to provide websites, links and expert advice regarding Fair Housing.

Fair Housing Tips Disabilities

About Fair Housing with Children

Service Animal Policies

MVFHC brochure

Agencies for Fair Housing Issues

Avoid Predatory Loans

Loan Modification Scam Alert


If you are in need of finding a place to RENT – we offer Property Management Services for property owners with apartments and homes in all areas.  The first step is for you to COMPLETE the TENANT APPLICATIONClick to read more


There have been some very interesting thoughts regarding this matter, not the least of which is considering the unparalleled amount of people going through financial crisis with their homes.  How will someone who faces this hardship, who ultimately has to file bankruptcy, walk away and give the deed back in-lieu, or file foreclosure – actually recover?  If the file bankruptcy it is at least two years before they will be able to purchase a home.  If they walk-away or file foreclosure it can be three years (and that’s from the date the bank is actually able to “sell” the property – not the filing date.)  These people will not have any other option but to live with family, friends or RENT.

This is an interesting six-minute audio clip.  Tell me what you think…Are we headed for a community based Property Management service?  CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO FILE

Slowly, the steps to making some progress are being recognized and put into implementation!  The following article at least provides for the opportunity of a home owner or tenant who is in a property to be foreclosed to be able to RENT the property (month-to-month.)  While not a permanent fix – it does help to provide a little extra time to make other arrangements…if you need help in finding more details – call Tammy at 937-838-0997.
Daily Real Estate News  | March 6, 2009  |

Freddie Mac Launches Rental Initiative
Freddie Mac is launching a rental initiative, which will give former owners and tenants of foreclosed property the opportunity to lease their recently foreclosed properties month to month.

The REO rental initiative will be managed by HomeSteps, Freddie Mac’s national real estate unit, and implemented through several national property management firms. Freddie Mac has about 8,500 properties in various stages of foreclosure.

Freddie Mac also will continue to suspend evictions through March 31 to ensure that former owners and occupants have an opportunity to explore new options available to them.

To qualify for a lease, the tenant or former owner must occupy the property and show they have adequate income to pay the monthly rental amount established by the property management company based on market rents for the area. Occupants must agree to allow HomeSteps to show the home to potential buyers during the lease period.