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I am happy to be able to report that the DABR has voted to implement the use of this technology in our area and I am SOOOO Excited to be able to offer this additional feature for those who are looking to SELL their property in the future.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me.  Click on link below for the “official” announcement:

Board President Announces Electronic Lockbox Decision


UPDATE:  In an unprecedented move – the Board of Directors had a motion to put this to Membership Vote AFTER being approved.  The general membership discounted the Task Force / Board Approval and VOTED DOWN ELECTRONIC LOCK BOXES.  Sadly, this may well be a dead issue for our area irregardless of the better technology and benefits for our clients.


How do YOU feel about the subject?  CLICK HERE TO TAKE 3 QUESTION SURVEY


Well, if you’ve been a client of mine – you know that I SUPPORT the use of Electronic Lockboxes…and you know the many reasons why.

1) Accountability as to who / when someone has been to your house and used the lockbox (this is the best tool for Sellers who are otherwise unsure that an Agent showed up for their showing…see Reason #2) as the lockbox automatically logs the activity from the designated user when they access the key through the box. Click to read more


We are always SO HAPPY when our Clients are New Home Owners!!  Sharing the joy of what we do and why…



Below is a clip from the article…good information to keep in mind when looking to pickup that “bargain” home!


“Four Warning Signs to Watch for When Buying a Foreclosure”

Matthew Frankel  Source: Respres.

Over the past several years, many people have gotten great deals on homes because of foreclosures. While the inventory of foreclosed homes in the market is not nearly what it was a few years ago, there are still many to be found. In fact, in some areas, the foreclosures from the 2008-2010 period are just now making their way through the court system and appearing on the market.

In the right situation, a foreclosure can be an excellent way to obtain your dream home at a much better price than you would expect.  Buying foreclosures can also be an great way to acquire investment properties, as many foreclosures are duplexes, triplexes, and smaller single-family homes that can become lucrative rentals.

Even though foreclosed homes can be a good deal, they definitely carry their own issues and risks that buyers need to be aware of. Let’s break down a few of these and see if they should affect your decision on whether to buy the property or not.



Born and raised here – there are MANY things about the Dayton Communities that I know about first-hand and LOVE!  That is the reason why I wanted to take the continuing education courses offered by the DABR and for the right to earn the designation of “Dayton Region Ambassador.”  I want to be the person you call with questions about what our area has to offer…so I’ve compiled some of the highlights from the class to share with you here: Click to read more


Or Growth Potential!! Check out this article posted by the Downtown Dayton Partnership:

Downtown Has Region’s Lowest Apartment Vacancy Rate
Downtown Dayton was one of the few markets in the region where apartment vacancy decreased or stayed the same, according to the recently releasedMiller-Valentine GEM 2013 Dayton Regional Apartment Market Study.

The study sampled 347 apartment developments in the Dayton region. The downtown market had the region’s lowest vacancy at 2.37 percent, the same rate reported in the 2012 study. This rate reflects DDP research, which for several years has shown high occupancy rates in both rental apartments and owner-occupied properties. Due to the popularity of downtown living, increasing housing options remains an important strategy in the Greater Downtown Dayton Plan.


Personally, whenever there is a dilemma, a situation that just seems to overwhelm the current situation, I find that “thinking outside the box” is a good way to step back and get a better perspective as to the real issue and find a resourceful way to solve things.  This article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer has some excellent points that the Cleveland area is using to solve vacant home, foreclosure and abandoned homes…

Here are a few clips from the article I think should resonate for other areas:

“A challenge of that magnitude requires a diverse response that combines strategic use of limited demolition dollars as well as innovative rehab…

Other successful land bank initiatives include the Owner Occupant Buyer Advantage Program, which has put handy homeowners willing to invest sweat equity into about 150 properties, according to Frangos.

There will never be enough demolition dollars to raze every abandoned property — nor should that be the goal. Luring private investments with creative approaches, as the loft-conversion project aims to do, is one way to make an impact in blighted neighborhoods.”

Click Here for FULL ARTICLE


I have worked with buyers who have been diligent about doing their credit repair, paying their bills and ultimately doing “everything right” for them to still hear they don’t have a high enough credit score to buy yet. Well, I am YOUR advocate and I am personally bringing a non-profit group to OUR area so that you CAN get a loan. And what’s even better, the fixed rate is a low interest rate current about 3.75% and calculated for a 30 year period. There is NO Down Payment required (but if you want to put money down you can) and the closing cost is very low (Prepaids and insurance only.)

How can this be? Well they are a national organization who is given money to make loans. Unlike the banks, they work with you irregardless of what your credit score is. Do you have income? What is your bill paying history? If you can answer those questions – you NEED to attend our workshop!

NACA Workshop flyer

We have set the date for their introduction to Dayton as Saturday, November 10th and if you can spend from 1-4 pm with us – I can promise you will be glad you did. Hearing an alternative to the loan process is a good thing. I am working out the details of where this will be but should have the location confirmed this week. If you are interested in attending you have to let me know your name, phone number and email. That’s it – no charge, no obligation. If you know me – you know I am all about giving YOU the information you need to make the best decision for you!



Just received our State Realtor Newsletter and boy are the numbers looking good!!  I know I have been busy and there is a lot of activity out there – so if it isn’t moving where you are and you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Published by the Ohio Association of REALTORS
Week of Nov. 28

October home sales jump 16.1%
Home sales activity across Ohio surpassed the mark posted during October 2010, a positive result for an industry that has been severely impacted by the economic downturn, according to statistics provided to the Ohio Association of REALTORS by the state’s Multiple Listing Services. Click to read more


“Bringing Our Neighborhood’s Back” is one motto Dayton’s APEX is working diligently to make a reality.  A comprehensive plan that brings all necessary pieces together (current home owner’s with needed assistance for repairs / low interest loans and a reason to remain in the area they are already committed, investor’s who understand that a “good home = quality repairs” to qualified and willing tenants who want to be home owner’s in the future, to local business that require a healthy neighborhood to prosper.)

If you are interested in more details, CLICK HERE for BROCHURE or call Tammy at 937-838-0997 for more information.

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