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We are always SO HAPPY when our Clients are New Home Owners!!  Sharing the joy of what we do and why…



When inventory is low and it seems buyer’s don’t really have many options – DON’T rule out a listing just because it has been on the market awhile…it could be that the seller was holding firm to their price and unable to negotiate – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a look / make an offer!! Many times, buyers or their agents may think that a seller “wouldn’t take less” – which may be true or necessary in some cases. BUT – there could be other things the seller is willing or able to negotiate on that would make THE DEAL for the buyer.  I always tell the buyer to at least make the offer – once it’s in writing we can negotiate to get it done!


If you keep watching the price of gas and are concerned about how you might get to work…this is an exciting program that has continued to grow – and from a recent report – will expand to include more BIKE SHARE opportunities.  (If you have never experienced our bath paths – you should check them out!!)

Across the U.S., more than 25 cities of various sizes have launched bike share transportation systems. Dayton’s bike share program will feature 22 strategically located stations, all within an approximate two mile radius of downtown Dayton. Each station will contain six to 10 bikes, totaling more than 200 bikes in the system. Customers — who range from one-day users to annual subscribers — unlock the bikes and may ride to any other station or back to the original location at the end of their trip.

Bike sharing offers several economic, livability, transportation, environmental and health benefits to the businesses, employees and residents in downtown Dayton and surrounding neighborhoods. Bike share programs add to urban vibrancy, are highly desired by young professionals, and greatly improve the connectivity of existing public transit by completing the “last mile” between a transit stop and a user’s final destination.

Now, make a plan to check out the bike paths and keep on PEDDLING!


Below is a clip from the article…good information to keep in mind when looking to pickup that “bargain” home!


“Four Warning Signs to Watch for When Buying a Foreclosure”

Matthew Frankel  Source: Respres.

Over the past several years, many people have gotten great deals on homes because of foreclosures. While the inventory of foreclosed homes in the market is not nearly what it was a few years ago, there are still many to be found. In fact, in some areas, the foreclosures from the 2008-2010 period are just now making their way through the court system and appearing on the market.

In the right situation, a foreclosure can be an excellent way to obtain your dream home at a much better price than you would expect.  Buying foreclosures can also be an great way to acquire investment properties, as many foreclosures are duplexes, triplexes, and smaller single-family homes that can become lucrative rentals.

Even though foreclosed homes can be a good deal, they definitely carry their own issues and risks that buyers need to be aware of. Let’s break down a few of these and see if they should affect your decision on whether to buy the property or not.



But you MUST ACT FAST!  This is a DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE program that comes out the first part of the year – with up to $5000 that can help BUYERS to get into the home of their dreams.  Lender specific qualifications – not all lenders are able to do this program.  But it can apply for your house purchase – even if you are NOT a First Time Home Buyer!!  Contact me QUICK to see if this can help you!


We are happy to be able to better serve the needs of our clients and want to assure you that R H 2 L is the real estate brokerage with heart!  We live and work where you live and work and serving our neighbors and communities is a part of our business plan.




Home Buying in Winter

By Jeff Brown
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — So what if winter’s looming. Go ahead, buy a home!

Granted, buying a home in the dead months from December though March does not appeal to many people. But this year it might make sense, due to low mortgage rates and a lull in home price gains. A home on the market now might cost more in the spring as prices and loan rates drift up. Click to read more


Born and raised here – there are MANY things about the Dayton Communities that I know about first-hand and LOVE!  That is the reason why I wanted to take the continuing education courses offered by the DABR and for the right to earn the designation of “Dayton Region Ambassador.”  I want to be the person you call with questions about what our area has to offer…so I’ve compiled some of the highlights from the class to share with you here: Click to read more


This is a belief that I have and something that allows me to work with people from across the walks of life to find a house that they can call “home.”  This is an excellent article from the New York Times regarding our very own “WELCOME DAYTON” program working with the Turkish Community and opening doors for all other cultures…

DAYTON, Ohio — Fighting back from the ravages of industrial decline, this city adopted a novel plan two years ago to revive its economy and its spirits: become a magnet for immigrants.

The Dayton City Commission voted to make the city “immigrant friendly,”with programs to attract newcomers and encourage those already here, as a way to help stem job losses and a drop in population.

In north Dayton — until recently a post-apocalyptic landscape of vacant, gutted houses — 400 Turkish families have moved in, many coming from other American cities. Now white picket fences, new roofs and freshly painted porches are signs of a brisk urban renewal led by the immigrants, one clapboard house at a time.

“We want to invest in the places where we are accepted better,” said Islom Shakhbandarov, a Turkish immigrant leader. “And we are accepted better in Dayton.”




While everyone is worried about how things will be affected, buyers who are in the process NOW but not yet closed will need to be concerned as well…here is an email received from a lender today:

As you may or may not know, when processing a mortgage application we verify an applicant’s social security number through the social security administration and go to the IRS for the applicants tax transcripts.   This is mandatory for all loans no matter who the lender is.

This process usually takes less than 48 hours, but if there is a shutdown we will not be able to obtain this information.   Once the shutdown is over these division may have to play catch up.

And this just in from OAR / NAR reports:

Government Shutdown & Housing

In light of the Congressional empasse currently taking place in Washington, HUD officials share what to expect concerning the status of FHA loans and the federal government shutdownlooming at midnight eastern time. Source: NAR